Play Haunted House Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

If you love horror movies and scary stories, and you think Halloween should be celebrated every day of the year, then you will love Haunted House, a fun multi reel available to you by the lovely people at Mansion! And just to make sure the rounds goes smoothly, your friendly neighborhood vampire is there to watch all the goings on. With three reels and five paylines available, you have multiple opportunities to make winning combinations out of the very spooky symbols. In fact, you will have 12 possibly combinations available made up of garlic bulbs, crosses, coffins, swords, chalices, and coffins.

Come Visit Haunted House

This multi reel plays like a majority of others. Players choose their bet, the number of paylines, and then press spin. If there are winning combinations, the computer will show them and pay out according to the paytable at the top of the screen. Players, here this now – play all possible paylines and always do the maximum bet, or “Max Bet.” If you play all paylines, you up the odds of getting a winning combination. You will hate yourself if there is a winning combination on an inactive payline! As for “Max Bet,” it is simple, the more you bet, the more money you stand to win.

Haunted House plays like all other traditional multi reel options. And whiles there are no wild symbols, scatter symbols, or bonus rounds, Haunted House does offer one unique thing – the payout for the garlic bulb symbol. You can get a payout for one bulb of garlic or two bulbs of garlic on an activated payline. Furthermore, if you get three bulbs of garlic on one payline, the payout is different. If you get three on line one, it is only 1,000 coins, but if you get three on line five, the payout is a whopping 1,800 coins. And if you are playing “Max Bet,” that is a whole lot of money! This is why it is important to play all paylines and always hit “Max Bet.”

Play Haunted House for Free at Mansion Casino

While gambling is all about making money, sometimes it can be a bit nerve wracking to put some money down and play, especially if you are not confident with how the system is played, you do not understand the rules, and/or you want to get the paytable down. That is why at Mansion the best online casino out there in cyberspace, you can play free slots online. That is right, for absolutely no money down, you can play all your favorite free slot games, including Haunted House. Each and every traditional reel, multi reel, and multi spin come with two options – you can put down real money to play or you play the gratis version. There are no differences between free classic slots online and their paid counterpart. You are just using fake coins instead of real ones. Once you feel more confident, you can easily make the switch to a paid account. Right now we are offering amazing bonus opportunities just for signing up with a paid account! Do you know what that means? It means they give you money to play! What are you waiting for, you should totally sign up right now and start!

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