How to Play Video Poker

Remote access slot machines are purely based on luck. And while some people like these online casino games over others, there is no excitement, no thrill, and no thought involved. All you do is click the dollar amount you want to bet and press the spin button. Voila! You either succeed or lose, with no input from yourself other than the betting amount. Now if you really want to know how to win big when playing on the computer, the simple answer is the card tables!

The classic gambling challenge is a sport of skill and it provides a gap between table options and slots. Over the last decade, computerized card gambling has been on a steady rise in popularity, with not only more complimentary standing options at brick and mortar clubs, but also more computerized versions of the sport as well. While at first the only available option was Jacks or Better, there are now literally hundreds of variations on this simple yet fun challenge!

Now sure you may be wondering how to play video poker, what is the difference between a regular round and a progressive one, and how to have the right strategy so the odds are in your favor, but do not worry. First get the rules straight and then go into strategy and play!

Learn How to Play Video Poker

First understand that this spin off is based on the simple original of five-card draw. Most of the rules apply so if you know the general play of five card draw, then chances are you will know what to do with this one as well, just beware of the twists and make sure to read the rules.

The system deals out five cards and the player has an option of discarding and drawing up to five new cards. Press “Hold” to keep the cards that should not be discarded. Once the decision is made, hit the button labeled “deal” to get new cards. A victory or a loss is determined by the final hand and the amount you receive is dependent on the pay table associated with the round.

Find out How to Play Video Poker and Win

It is not enough to know just how to play video poker, but you also need to create a strategy to help you be victorious. Each option comes with its own set strategy – you cannot use a strategy for Deuces Wild while playing 10s or Better. For beginners, start with playing Jacks or Better. It is the original version and a majority of later take offs are a variation of this one.

Numerous casino enthusiasts are switching from slot machines to these popular options, and they never look back. There is a certain amount of excitement and challenge that comes with this fascinating variety. Yes, there is a bit of skill involved, but that makes it even more fun to play. It is not hard to learn how to play video poker, so why don’t you give it a try? Try it at an online casino in South Africa or try a free download today!