Play Jungle Boogie Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

You may live in the city but with Jungle Boogie you will be enjoying the sights and the sounds of the jungle…and winning money of course! With such an amazing theme, everyone will want to enjoy this game. It is created much in the same way as traditional single line games where you only have one chance to make a winning combination, so you better hope Lady Luck decides to pay you a visit! With the great cash prizes in store for landing three of the right animals in a row, you know that you want to get in on it all.

Jungle Boogie Classic Slots Game

The rules are very simple that there is really no strategy involved. When participating in Jungle Boogie, you first need to place your bet. There are five increments to select from and it is best to go for the top increment so you get the most money back when you are enjoying. Take a risk and go for the “Max Bet” which will give you even more winnings. After, the reels will spin and if three symbols land on the red line that are a marked combination on the paytable, you win!! The symbols are those animals you would find in the jungle, including fish, monkeys, and parrots. The top prize is for three tigers in a row. If you are hitting “Max Bet” you will receive 4,000 coins for this winning combination! All you have to do is just point your mouse and click, hoping that the animal kingdom is on your side and will give you a winning combination!

Many members find themselves attracted to Jungle Boogie and other games just like it because it is a traditional game that many find lining the clubs in Las Vegas and other major gambling meccas around the world. While there are no bonus rounds and wild symbols, many take enjoyment in the simplicity of the game. You are just out to spin the reels and hope that three winning symbols hit the red pay line. It is as simple as that and makes you more in control of what you are betting and winning.

Play Jungle Boogie for Free at Mansion Casino

Don’t have enough pocket change right now to go in for real money? That is quite all right. At Mansion Casino in South Africa, you are given a unique opportunity to enjoy all your favorite games for absolutely no money down and nothing to spend. That is right you can play free slots! Check out Jungle Boogie and all your other favorite games gratis. Free classic slots is a great way to get to know different games, including the rules, the different winning combinations, and if there are any valuable strategies that will help you win a lot! With free slots online, you can still have all the thrill that goes into the game, without the financial worry. Once you are ready to switch over and start running with the big dogs for real money, you just have to sign up! You will even get a sizable bonus to start spinning the reels!

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