Play Neptune’s Kingdom Slots Online at Mansion Casino South Africa

With Neptune’s Kingdom, you can boldly go where few have gone before. And no, not space, but miles below the ocean, right where the water hits the floor. That is where you will find the Roman God of the sea, holding his trident and reigning over his treasure. Your goal is to spin the reels of this three reel, five payline version, and steal some of that treasure away from him, if you are bold enough to do it of course! With fun sound effects and water-related symbols, you will have a good time swimming with the underwater creatures and going after all the gold you can get your hands on!

Let’s Play Neptune’s Kingdom

Neptune’s Kingdom only has six symbols that makes up ten different combinations – triton, two different fishes, mermaid, treasure chest, and a lobster. It is a classic multi reel variety in that there are no wild symbols, scatter symbols, or bonus symbols. It is very straight forward but also very fun as well because you never know how the reels will land!

However, while there are no extras like the above mentioned, Neptune’s Kingdom does offer something a little special to its players. The treasure chest symbol, depending on which payline it lands on, will give you a different amount. If the reels spin out three treasure chests on line number five, you get the biggest possible payout – 150 coins.

Unlike some other multi reels, there is no difference in the payout depending on how much you bet. However, you should always hit the “Max Bet” button. While you will have to put more down for your bet, it also means when you win the bet, you win more money! That is pretty amazing! But you got to play it to win it!

Enjoy Neptune’s Kingdom and other Online Slots at Mansion Casino

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