Play Rock’n’Roller Slots Online at Mansion Casino South Africa

Looking for a little heavy metal, maybe a dash of smooth melody, or how about a lot of both? Come and boogie down to great tunes and lots of possibilities to win major money with Rock’n’Roller! It is a very popular three reel, five line game that everyone enjoys playing. If you love more traditional gambling games that are straight forward and without the thrills of wild symbols, scatter symbols, and bonus games, then Rock’n’Roller is right for you. So put on your blue suede shoes and do the foxtrot over to this game, you will not be sorry you did!

Get Up and Dance with Rock’n’Roller Online Slots Game

First things first, you need to place your bet. Remember that the more money you bet, the more you will receive for a winning combination. Then you need to determine how many paylines you will bet on. Here’s a tip – bet on all the paylines. You will kick yourself if there are three silver records on reel five and that is not an active payline. While you will spend more money on the net, you will have more opportunities to get paid for winning combinations.

After that, it is time to spin the reels and see if you have any winning combinations. If you do, the paytable will pay out accordingly. Now, while there are no special symbols or anything of the sort, there are two features that are great. First of all, depending on what row the three silver record symbols show up will determine your payout. Each of the five lines offers a different payout, with line one being the lowest (475 coins) and line five being the highest (700 coins).

The other interesting feature that is not on other traditional games is that you can get a payout if there are three blanks in a row on a payline, meaning there is nothing. While you get money for the other symbols, including drums, harmonicas, guitars, and gold and silver records, you also get a payout if you have three blanks. Granted it is not a large payout (two coins), it is still a little something to keep you excited in Rock’n’Roller.

Come Play Rock’n’Roller at Mansion Casino South Africa

With great music, fun graphics, and multiple ways to get winning combinations, you definitely will not be able to stop playing Rock’n’Roller, one of the most popular classic slots online at our arena, the premier online casino South Africa. Why should you play slots in South Africa? Let’s go over just a few of the many reasons! Well, first of all, they are a ton of fun and there are multiple opportunities to win money, especially with multi reel games! Furthermore, a lot of it relies on luck and if you are feeling lucky, you should definitely take a chance. Third, because you can play all your favorites for free! We have it set up so you can choose from two modes – “For Fun” and “Real Money.” If you play for fun, it costs no money to you. Of course you do not actually win real money either, but it can be a really fun pastime. When you are ready to gamble some real money, just open an account, deposit your money and start playing! It is as simple as that and you are bound to have a good time!

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