Play Santa’s Surprise Slots Online at Mansion Casino South Africa

Everyone loves the holiday season. There is an electric tingle buzzing through the air; people are in a more charitable and generous mood than usual; even the crisp weather is not too harsh but still brisk enough to enjoy. Yes, there is certainly something magical about this time of year, and the thrill of Christmas pending definitely adds to the overall merriment that permeates the atmosphere. There is just that whole list business that we are never quite sure has been straightened out in time for the unwrapping of the gifts! Well, lucky for us, there is Santa’s Surprise! In this holiday-themed slots online, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice. You can win huge prizes and gifts galore regardless of how you behaved throughout the year! Check out this terrific version, and see what rewards we are giving away today!

All About Santa’s Surprise

From the red, gold and white color scheme to the snowflakes backdrop and the seasonal icons, Santa’s Surprise certainly got the theme down pat! Just looking at the pay chart or the screen will clue you into the festivities that this version is blatantly hinting at. Some of the symbols include hanging stockings, festive tree decorations, candy canes, party crackers, mistletoe and of course jingle bells that rock (well, we don’t know that they rock, but if you score a winning combination with them, we are pretty certain they will rock your world!) Line up the appropriate combinations, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely for your efforts. Read the chart careful, so you can follow along as the reels slow down to a halt.

Santa’s Surprise is set up like many other classic single line slot games. There are only three reels and one payline to keep track of. If this is your first round at Mansion Casino, we recommend that you stick with the basic single liners for a little while. These varieties are easier to follow, without all of the complicated features and options that come along with more involved versions. The instructions are simple, and you can learn all the ropes in a straightforward manner. Decide how much you want to wager. You can press the Bet One button to manually adjust the amount, or Bet Max to have it taken care of for you. After that, the Spin button beckons you, and you will see what the reels reveal.

Santa’s Surprise Features

A big booty of money is a cozy stocking stuffer, and in this version, it is also the wild symbol that will multiply your winnings when it appears! This amazing variant also has a whimsical bonus round that lets you choose from an assortment of presents that you can keep for yourself. Score the gift box icon on the third reel, and the bonus round will open automatically. Bear in mind, though, that you need to have placed the max bet of four coins in order to be eligible for this feature. So if you are ready for a little holiday spirit, load up Santa’s Surprise today at the greatest remote access casino South Africa loves to frequent.

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