Play Ugga Bugga Slots Online at Mansion Casino South Africa

The sounds of the African bongo drums beating in the distance, a screen filled with symbols instantly transporting you to a tribal dance, already in progress. No, it is not a time machine, but the super fun multi spin online slots adventure Ugga Bugga! Come play this three reel, ten payline multi spin version with loads of African tribal inspired graphics, including masks, drums, and huts. It is more interactive than multi lines and offers greater odds of getting winning combinations. So put on your tribal garb and come play!

Why Everyone Loves to Play Ugga Bugga

Why is Ugga Bugga so popular? Well, if the name of the multi spin does not intrigue you then how it is played will certainly pique your interest. (By the way, say the name a few times, it will make you smile!) Aside from offering up multiple paylines, thus increasing your odds of creating a winning combination, you can also increase the chance to win by holding certain symbols. Yes, you can hold symbols. When you first start playing, only one row of five symbols is revealed. If you like some of those symbols to possibly create winning combinations, or you already have a winning combination and want to be paid ten times for it, hold those symbols. Then press “Spin” again so the other nine rows reveal themselves. This increases the probability for a hefty payout. And if you do not like any of the symbols, guess what? You can hold none of them and try your luck!

Before playing, always go over the paytable first. It makes no sense to hold down any symbols if you do not know the payout for various combinations. It is really simple to go between the playing screen and the paytable screen. Do it as many times as you need to in order to play right.

To help you out, Ugga Bugga also have a wild symbol – the tikki idol. This symbol can be substituted for any other symbol to create winning combinations. An idol on each and every line greatly increases the probability that at least one line of ten will give you a winning payout! Just make sure to never get rid of this symbol when choosing symbols for the remaining lines!

Enjoy Ugga Bugga at Mansion Casino

If you are a newbie to multi spins, it is always beneficial to first start playing for free. Our establishments offers a great opportunity to open an account and play Ugga Bugga and other slot games for absolutely no cost to you! Once you understand the ins and the outs of the multi spin, go ahead and start betting real money! This amazing casino in South Africa wants you to have a good time so you will keep coming back. You can play in free mode as long as you would like. It is perfect when you are looking for a few minutes of downtime but are not able to sign in and play with real money!

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