Play UK Blackjack Online at Mansion Casino South Africa

While the United Kingdom has some pretty incredible things like a sprawling picturesque countryside, delicious fish and chips and some of the greatest pubs you’ll find anywhere in the world, there is one more great thing that you are going to love about this fine country. It’s also the home to one of our favourite casino games, UK Blackjack, and now you can play this version wherever you are and whenever you want thanks to Mansion Casino! So settle down with your favourite traditional dishes (whether it’s bangers and mash, bubble and squeak or good old Yorkshire pudding), and let’s get playing!

All About UK Blackjack

UK Blackjack is not all that different than most other versions that you have played here previously. Your goal is to reach 21 before the dealer does. If you manage this, then you win. Otherwise, you have to give the dealer a go at it. If he manages to beat you by reaching a higher number that doesn’t exceed 21, you lose. It’s a tricky balancing act, but it’s worth the anticipation for all the fun and enjoyment that comes along with it.

A Short History of UK Blackjack

UK Blackjack, and all other versions, actually have a pretty long history attached to the short name. You wouldn’t believe it to hear, but this game dates back as far as the end of the 1500’s! Now that is a long-standing game if you ever heard of one, isn’t it. The earliest known source was credited to Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote and other works of fiction. In his early writings, Cervantes mentions a game that smacks clearly of this exciting gambling challenge, preserving its place in history forever.

How to Play UK Blackjack

If you enjoy strategy, then you will like playing our UK Blackjack. There is just enough maneuvering in it to be enjoyable without taking the fun out of a holiday or weekend off. You won’t be sweating any major decisions, but you’ll have enough leeway to call a few shots and feel like you are in control of the game. Just remember, you don’t want to go over 21 because then you’ll lose automatically. The key is to get your hand high enough to ensure a victory without busting. Do you think you can do it? Then hurry in, and give us a try!

There are plenty of other Blackjack variants if you’d like to try something new. We’ve got everything from Blackjack Switch to Lucky, and more, so take your pick and start having some fun now!

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