Play Genie’s Hi Lo Jackpot Aracde Online at Mansion Casino

Having three wishes granted by an all-powerful being has certainly been a fantasy for most people out there. If the genie is a beautiful woman, well, that just sweetens the pot all the more so! This secret dream that is harbored by so many is probably the hidden success behind the online arcade game Genie's Hi Lo Jackpot at Well, that and all the awesome fun and tremendous payouts that come from playing the game! Want a slice of the casino games online action? Then click through right now!

Play Genie’s Hi Lo Jackpot Arcade Online

How to Play Genie’s Hi Lo Jackpot

Genie's Hi Lo Jackpot plays just like the standard Genie’s Hi Lo version. If you haven’t played that one before, here are the rules:

  • You place a wager of whatever amount feels right to you. You can change this from round to round, so you aren’t stuck with a figure that you don’t like. No pressure.
  • The cards are already dealt and waiting for you to choose one. It doesn’t really matter which one you choose because this gesture is just to set a baseline for the game to start with.
  • Only after an initial card is selected can the gambling fun begin. Now you have the task of determining which card will be chosen next. No this is not a sleight of hand magic trick, it’s just a quirky kind of gamble that makes the wagers that much more fun. So, do you think the next card will be red? It might be black. Look at your previously selected card. Do you think the next one will be higher than this card or lower? The options are there for you to use, so good luck!
  • Now that you have worked through the selections, it’s time to pick another card. Were you correct? Then you get to move on to the next level. Watch as each correct choice brings you higher and higher up the meter on the left of the screen. Lighting up that big pink button will reward you with the massive Genie's Hi Lo Jackpot!

Genie’s Hi Lo Jackpot Additional Features

Those are the basic instructions, and there are a few features you should notice. After each positive response, you will be asked if you want to continue playing or if you want to cash out. There’s no shame in taking your earnings to go; just play the way you have fun. Also, notice the auto play functionality. It alleviates the headache of choosing that some punters just can’t manage. If you’re one of those, utilize this feature, and enjoy the game even more!