Play Rubik’s Riches Arcade Online at Mansion Casino

Did you spend hours upon hours of your innocent youth trying to crack the elusive code of the Rubik’s cube never to be satisfied with the gratification of a successful solution? You are not alone, good friend, because there are millions of people who share in your frustration. Well, now it’s time to vent all that aggravated stress that you’ve been holding onto for years without an outlet because we’re featuring Rubik's Riches, a unique challenge that lets you get back at those evil masterminds who created that accursed and unsolvable puzzle decades ago! Ready to exact revenge at last? Then let’s get started!

Play Rubik’s Riches Arcade Online

How to Play Rubik’s Riches

Rubik's Riches at our online casino is centered around that infamous cube of colours that we all remember so well. The goal is simply to get a combination of three coloured tiles in a row. This will give you the most basic win. The more tiles that you get to match up, the more you’ll be earning for that round! That’s the rudimentary level, but Rubik's Riches also has a number of interesting features to make things even more exciting. The auto play function is present, and, if you’ve played other online arcade games at our arena, you might already be familiar with this one. It allows you to play multiple rounds, one right after the next, without having to pause to input information. The computer just records your data, and replays it for each of the rounds. You can also put this baby into turbo mode if you want an even faster thrill than the norm. Watch as things go into hyper-drive, and hold onto your seats!

Rubik’s Riches Bonus Round

A final note to leave off on, there is actually a fun bonus round that comes out of this game as well. Each time you score a win of a specific colour, you light up a letter on the large logo at the top of the screen. if you manage to light up all the letters so that it spells out Rubik’s, the bonus round will be initiated automatically. Watch as the colours fly away to reveal exiting prizes like extra plays or freebies!

So come on in and see if you can relive this amusing pastime (We won’t even tell if you want to peel off the stickers, and put them back on in order!) Get on the fast track now, and start playing Rubik's Riches. You’ll never get back that time you spent puzzling, but you’ll be making enough cash on these online casino games to make it a whole lot more worthwhile today!