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Take a deep breath and let your imagination run wild. You have the ability to travel the globe and check out landmarks that will amaze you. Now open your eyes and come back to reality. While isn’t going to physically take you on a trip, the Around the World online arcade game will give you the chance to win real money while you move around the landmark filled game board.

Play Around The World Arcade Online

How to Play Around the World Online Arcade Game at

Before you get started globetrotting around the game, take a minute and download the online casino software. You can find Around the World in the arcade game section of the online casino game lobby.

Once the game is open you will see a colourful board that may remind you of a popular board game. There are several landmarks on the board including the Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and the Great Wall of China.

You can place your bet by clicking on the Plus or Minus button on the screen and when you find a number you are happy with, click the Start button. The goal of the game is bet on whether the number that is spun will be higher or lower than the previous spin.

If you win the bet you will get to move the number of spaces spun on the board. As you reach each landmark you will be able to either collect your winnings or risk it all and continue playing. Each landmark will pay out higher than the one before.

Each turn has up to two strikes, or incorrect guesses, but, once you get to a landmark, the strikes are erased and you’ll start fresh.

Play Around the World for Real Money at Today

If you are ready to win money playing Around the World, and collect up to a $/€5,000 Welcome Bonus, then you’ll need to open an account at the internet casino and make a deposit. Once the money has been processed you can finally take that virtual trip around the world and enjoy great payouts from some of the most recognizable landmarks in the world.