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A unique and exhilarating online arcade game, Dice Twister provides you with plenty of action and lots of big payout potential when you sign up and play for real money at – and there are tonnes of online casino bonuses up for grabs for real money players to give your bankroll an extra boost, such as our Welcome Bonus offer up to $/€5000. There are lots of bets you can place to make lots of wins, and although the game looks complicated on first glance, you’ll be up and running in no time. So, if the idea of some money-spinning dice action excites you, log in or sign up today and hit the tables!

Play Dice Twister Arcade Online

Your Dice Twister Betting System

Whatever online casino games you decide to play, you always need to know your bets to be able to play with confidence and feeling nicely relaxed – after all, you’re playing to win real money but it’s all about fun at the end of the day! If you’re a fan of online roulette, you might find the betting system a bit similar and this will give you a helping hand when you’re getting to grips with this exciting dice game. The first bet you need to know on your Dice Twister game is the total on the dice; if you pick this you need to select one number that represents what you think is the total of all the rolls in the game – this has a big payout if you get it right! Another bet is a range bet, and this is when you wager on a set of numbers. Select Low to bet the range of 3–8, select Medium to bet the range of 9–12 and select High to bet the range of 13-8. You can bet on odd numbers and also even numbers, or you can bet on a mixture of both. And finally, you can place a wager on several of the same number appearing on the rolls for a payout of 15x your original bet.

Real Money Dice Twister Software

The design and layout of your Dice Twister game might seem dazzling at first, but let us talk you through it. The giant dice in the centre of your screen are the dice that are rolled to determine the outcome of each game. The different bets you can place are then dotted around the screen, and you set your coin amount first, then place your chips on the bets you wish to place to make your choices known. You can remove chips one at a time or Clear All to start over, and Dice Twister will only begin the round when you click Play. The dice will then roll and land, and all of the bets that have won as a result will be added up and placed into your online casino bankroll.