Play Genie’s Hi Lo Arcade Online at

Have you ever wondered what wishes you would ask for if you ever rubbed a magic lamp and out popped a genie? Odds are that money, fame, long life, and happiness would probably be on your list. At we can’t give you a magic genie with such amazing powers, but try to play your cards right at our online arcade game, in the hopes of the genie granting your wish of winning real money.

Play Genie’s Hi Lo Arcade Online

So, free that genie from her cramped little home, give the lamp a quick rub and find out what the genie can do for you in the exciting game of Genie’s Hi Lo arcade game at

How to Play Genie’s Hi Lo at

Genie’s Hi Lo is an online casino game that is mostly based on luck. To get started, you will have to decide how much money to bet by clicking on the plus or minus button. Once you’ve made your wager the genie will hold 8 cards, all facing her.

You can either choose one of the cards, or click on the “Auto Select” button if you prefer not to do the choosing, and a single card will be revealed.

There are two bets that you can make now. The first bet is whether the next card will be higher or lower than the card you are looking at. There is no strategy to this pick, so just go with your gut.

The second bet is whether the next card will be red or black. With this bet the odds are slightly in favour of picking the opposite colour of the one shown. This is because there is already one fewer card in that colour available. Those odds aren’t great, and once again you’ll have to bet with your first instinct.

Win Real Money Paying Genie’s Hi Lo at

The genie may not be real, but the money you can win certainly is. If you want to enjoy the sweet payouts, you will need to open an online casino payouts available account and make a deposit using our convenient payment methods.

Collect your Welcome Bonus of up to $/€5,000 and download the software and see if you can predict what cards the genie is holding today.