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For as long as there have been coins, people have been flipping them and letting the coin make the big decisions. Not sure whose turn it is to go to the store? Flip a coin. Want to see who should take out the trash? Flip a coin.

Play Heads or Tails Arcade Online

Now you can finally see if you can win money by correctly guessing the outcome of the coin flip. Open an account and start playing the Heads or Tails online arcade game at

How to Play Heads or Tails at

Open up this online casino game and you’ll enter what appears to be a lounge at the local golf club. There are three guys sitting around the table knocking back some adult beverages with a large coin in the middle of the table. Who knows what they are talking about; perhaps they are trying to determine who will be paying for the drinks. Whatever the case is, they decide to settle it with a coin flip.

This is where you come in. Adjust the slider to lay your bet and select how many times the coin should be played, up to three times. You can also decide to double your wager and have them flip two coins.

Once the coin is in the air there is nothing you can do but wait for it to land on the table and let fate take over.

Choose Heads or Tails for Real Money at

To get in on the Heads or Tails action, download the internet casino software and you’re ready to see if you can correctly predict what the coin will do. As with all online casino games, Heads or Tails uses a Random Number Generator to ensure fair play.

Start playing today and you can receive a Welcome Bonus, up to $/€5,000, when you sign up to play Heads or Tails for real money.