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Open a casino online account with us today and play our sensational Keno internet games for some retro casino action and boost your bankroll right away with a Welcome Bonus offer up to $€5000. An easy-to-learn numbers game that offers lots of potential wins, Keno is an exotic treat from the East that’s been given an online makeover so you can play to win real money in the comfort of your home or while you travel. You might be new to arcade games online but don’t worry, you’ll pick up on the rules of this one in no time at all. Games can be played for free in Practice Mode or for real money payouts. Why not try Keno today and see what you make of it?

Play Keno Arcade Online

Keno Basic Info

As far as online casino games go, Keno is not as action-packed or layered as, say, a video slot, but free from complicated betting systems and rules, one of the draws of Keno arcade online games is their simplicity. The grid is simple to navigate, with 8x squares by 10x squares, containing numbers from 1 up to 80. You set your wager – the amount wagered is per number you bet – and then you make your selection of numbers you think might be drawn during the game known by clicking on them in turn. The minimum bet is one number but you can bet on a maximum of ten numbers in any one game. Hit the Play button and watch as the draw starts; numbered balls will shoot out of a machine before landing on the Keno board. If your numbers are drawn, the ball will land on top of your bet and your win will be highlighted on-screen. Your payout size depends on the number of matches you manage.

Multi-round Keno

You can also opt to play up to five games of Keno one after the other. This means you don’t have to keep placing your wager amount or choosing your numbers, you can set this all up at once and hit the Play Five button to watch the series of five games play out. You will play the same numbers at the same amount each time and your winnings will be accumulated and shown in the right-hand panel on your screen. At the end of the five rounds, your winnings will be added into your bankroll just like during the standard game. And don’t forget, if you’d like some extra bankroll to boot, then check out the many bonuses on offer and claim yours today.