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If you’re looking to play something that’s familiar but with some extra features thrown in for an enhanced experience at the felt, sign up and try real money American Blackjack at – not only will you enjoy extra rules, you’ll also be eligible to claim a Welcome Bonus worth as much as $/€5,000 when you make a deposit into your bankroll!  With all areas including our games and Cashier open 24/7, you can play on download and flash software for some state-of-the-art online casino games action. Play American Blackjack against the dealer for the chance to win real cash and claim some bragging rights as you go head to head in this traditional card game with a few twists.

Play American Blackjack Online

Rules & Payouts of American Blackjack

Click on American Blackjack in our internet casino lobby to go to the felt and get started. Select the chip value by clicking on the casino chips you see on your screen and set the game in motion when you click Deal. You receive two cards, both showing their values, and the dealer’s two cards are dealt, with one showing its value and one hidden from the player.  You go first and play your hand; you can Fold if you don’t want to play the hand you’ve been dealt, and you can Stand if it’s probably the best you can make. Hit will give you another card and you can press Hit repeatedly until you get the hand you like, just make sure you don’t go bust. The hand that totals 21 in the fewest cards – or the one closest to a total of 21 – wins. If the finishing hands are equal, this is known as a draw or ‘push’ and you do not lose but you get your stake returned to your bankroll. If you won with blackjack, you get paid out at 3/2, and any other win pays even money. Take Insurance in this blackjack variant and win a payout of 2/1.

Special Features in American Blackjack

Although most of the game is pretty straightforward, following standard online Blackjack games rules, there are some extra features in play that add to the excitement as you go heads-up against your dealer. These include:

Double After Split: When you play American Blackjack, you are allowed to double your wager after you have split any pairs

Ten Card Charlie: If you manage to make a hand that consists of ten cards without busting out (exceeding 21 points) you win!

Peek: When the dealer shows an ace, he can peek to see whether he has blackjack before continuing his round and playing his cards. If he has blackjack, you lose unless you have taken insurance.

Aces Split: If you split your aces into two hands, you can only draw a single extra card.