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For some of the best casino online action possible, check out the exciting variation of a favourite traditional card game, Blackjack Switch. Named after one of the additional rules in the game, this fun alternative-rules online blackjack game is based on standard rules, but with exciting twists that add to the enjoyment as you play. Available in Practice mode (ideal for new players or those wanting to get to grips with the software before playing real money) as well as in Real Money Mode, you can play for virtual casino chips or for cash payouts – it’s up to you!

Play Blackjack Switch Online

Alternative Rules in Blackjack Switch

Invented in the UK by a pro player, the reason Blackjack Switch is so popular is because of the Switch rule. The game is played with eight decks, and you play your cards as two simultaneous hands. During your round you can switch your cards between the two hands to improve on your deal as well as your game! The switch can be made on your second dealt card only. Meanwhile, you can also peek, the player’s hand will tie if the dealer lands a 22 total, and the dealer has to play with a 17 (soft). Other than that, the rules are pretty standard – you have to beat the dealer’s card total with your own hand – but the benefits are huge as you have a lot more control over the cards you play.

Basics of Blackjack Switch

To get started with this online casino game, you need to know a few basics that will enable you to play with confidence and without distraction, which is especially important if you choose real money Blackjack Switch. So, some basics you need to know are:

  • You always play two hands at the same time in this variant
  • Each hand costs an equal wager
  • Your switch can only happen using card number 2 on each hand
  • The dealer always hits on 17 (soft)
  • You can split and then double down
  • You can split to play up to four hands at the same time
  • Blackjack has the same value whether landed by the dealer or player
  • When a dealer’s hand totals 22, all hands of the players will tie (but the player wins with blackjack)