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Although it may sound like a contradiction in terms, Half Double Blackjack is actually an established and thrilling game with lots to offer online casino games players, both new and experienced. It’s an online blackjack variant that adds some extra rules to make the overall game more exciting. Offering extra action and the chance to double your wager to win more, as well as ensure some insurance against a dealer’s blackjack hand, if you like lots of action when you play, this could be the right choice for you. Play on download or flash software for some entertaining heads-up combat over the cards! And for new players joining, there’s a Welcome Bonus worth up to $/€5,000 to use on our 300+ casino games when you open a account and make a deposit today.

Play Half Double Blackjack Online

The Benefits of Half Double Blackjack

When you play Half Double Blackjack in our casino online you get to experience a game that’s difficult to find in any bricks and mortar casino. You can also access the game at any time, 24 hours a day, so it can always fit with your schedule – which means you can relax and have fun when it suits you. The overall game is based on the usual online Blackjack rules so it’s easy to learn the variations and get started playing the game. However, you can double your wager as insurance against the dealer landing blackjack, and in that scenario, you lose less. Other benefits include playing for real money or free practice games, so it’s up to you whether you want to play with cash to win cash, or just enjoy the experience with virtual casino chips. Both versions offer the same quality graphics, game design and sound effects – the only difference is whether you add more money to your bankroll with real money winnings! You can also win with a hand of ten cards that hasn’t bust in this game variant.

Half Double Blackjack Special Features

The main difference in this game is a rule that is linked to the hand of the dealer. In most games of blackjack online, when the dealer shows a card facing up valued at ten or more (10 through to Ace) he will peek to see whether he has Blackjack and will only then continue his hand. In half Double Blackjack, the dealer will play on without peeking. The benefit of this for you as a player is that if you have doubled your wager, you lose only 50% of your stake if the dealer has Blackjack. To play, click on the blackjack tab in the lobby and look for Half Double Blackjack; when you click you will be taken to your table ready to set your wager. Once your wager is in place, click on Deal to set the cards, and then decide whether you want to Double. Play your hand, wait for the dealer to play his, and then watch the outcome to see whether you have bettered the dealer’s hand – there’s only room for one winner!