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A more social way to enjoy everything our online blackjack has to offer, Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender games see some interactive action explode on your screen as other players are seated at your table while you play. It’s a more sociable approach to the world of online casino entertainment and appeals to all sorts of player who seek a more immersive time at the tables. As well as multiple players, there is a chat facility for some in-game socialising, and like all our online casino games, there’s the chance to win some big payouts when you hit a winning combination.

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How to Play Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender Games

First, decide whether you want to play Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender with software that’s flash-based or downloaded and get set up the way you like to play. Next, decide on how much you want to wager and pick the game with the correct table limits for your bankroll – as you’re playing with others at the table, this is an important feature when locating the game that’s right for you. it’s important to note that even though you might be playing Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender with lots of other players and enjoying a more sociable experience online, the game is still heads-up against the blackjack dealer. This means that the moves and wagers of your fellow players won’t affect your game in any way, so you can rest assured that you always keep complete control over your own outcome while having extra fun.

Games Rules for Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender 

The rules are pretty standard when you choose this thrilling game.

  • You start with a two-card deal, both facing upwards and on show for all to see
  • Your points value is calculated by adding the value of each of your cards; any Ace can be valued at 1 point or 11 points
  • As you add more cards to your hand, the total increases. You cannot discard any cards or switch them around if you split pairs.
  • Exceeding a hand total of 21 and going bust means you lose
  • The best hand is blackjack
  • To win, your hand total must be higher than the dealer’s total

To start, place your wager and then hit the Deal button to receive your cards. The Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender dealer’s cards are dealt a bit differently with one showing face down. The dealer can peek with a card valued at 10 points or an Ace – this is to see whether he has Blackjack. If not, you play! You can decide whether to Surrender your card and give in, ready to start a new game, or you can Play your hand using the buttons that are showing on your screen (only possible moves are highlighted on your screen to help your game). The dealer continues by showing his hidden card and playing his hand; he must hit on 17 or lower. The winner is decided when the dealer has completed his round – any money you have won is placed into your bankroll instantly by our intuitive software.