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If you’ve been looking to play online blackjack in a truly traditional format, have you considered a game of Pontoon? Considered by many as the original version of the game, Pontoon Blackjack is a popular online casino game choice at Mansion Casino with many avid followers returning time and again to enjoy the thrills it has to offer. An eight-deck game with lots of action, Pontoon Blackjack enjoys standard rules, clear strategy, and lots of ways to win some cash when you opt for real money games. You can also increase your bankroll from the offset with a casino bonus, such as our Welcome Bonus worth up to $/€5,000 that’s available to every player who signs up and makes an initial deposit today; the bonus can be used across our list of games, including Pontoon Blackjack.

Play Pontoon Blackjack Online

How to Win at Pontoon

The name Pontoon Blackjack has UK origins and it is an early variation of standard blackjack. When you play, you aim to make a hand valued at 21, or near to 21, so long as you don’t exceed the amount and go bust. Your hand is not the sole decider in the game as you’re playing against the blackjack dealer, and so in addition to its numerical value, your hand must beat whatever hand the dealer holds. You can have multiple players sat at your online blackjack table, but their actions will not affect your game in any way. It’s between you, the dealer, and the cards. 

Pontoon Basic Moves and Rules

To get started you need to determine how much you wish to wager and then play your cards. To play Pontoon Blackjack in our online casino, follow these simple steps:

  1. State the size of your wager by clicking on the chips visible on your screen (when you play for real money, these will be deducted from your overall casino bankroll balance as you play).
  2. Receive your face up cards and bet on the outcome.
  3. Watch the dealer receive 2 cards, one of which will be face down.
  4. Now complete your hand, choosing from the possible actions highlighted on your screen such as Hit to get another card (watch you don’t bust!), Stand to indicate you like your hand as it is, Split your pairs to play as individual hands, and Double Down to wager extra
  5. Watch the dealer play their cards and then compare – if you win, you get paid out! If you bust or your dealer’s finishing hand proves to be strongest, you lose.