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We offer lots of variations of online blackjack at to provide you with the best online casino game experience possible. Whether you’re an aficionado or new to the game of blackjack, you can begin with a traditional version or any variant; the rules are simple to follow and the benefit of choosing Progressive Blackjack is the giant payouts you can play for. You can log into your account and play at all hours of the day, and on any day of the year; because we’re an online casino there are no restrictions on our opening times. So, you can access any service you need, from account registration to funding your bankroll to playing games or cashing out winnings. You can also claim a bonus to enjoy extra playing funds, such as our $/€5,000 Welcome Bonus offer for new players!

Play Progressive Blackjack Online

The Thrill of Progressive Blackjack

The Progressive Blackjack game in our online casino is played heads-up against the dealer, so other players at the table do not affect your hand or your game. You aim to make the best possible hand valued at 21 points (or as near as possible without going over or ‘bust’), and your hand must also be better than the hand of the dealer. That’s the secret to winning! The progressive comes in as an extra side bet and it is separate to the rest of the game. This jackpot amount does not have a fixed payout; it grows as players pay into the extra bet and when it hits, the amount displayed on the counter is how much the winning player wins. Progressive Blackjack games have a variety of possible settings when you start playing, including solo player or multiple players, a game of five hands and games for private groups.

Progressive Blackjack Wins

The payouts on Progressive Blackjack are a draw for our players. The standard payouts are even money when a player wins with a standard hand, increasing to a payout of 2/1 if the player takes Insurance and wins, and to 3/2 with a winning blackjack hand. The progressive jackpot works independently to the rest of the game, and costs $/€1 per punt. The jackpot win is hand dependent, and in the form of a percentage. For instance, 100% is awarded for a hand of 4x aces (matching suit), 10% for a hand of 4x aces (any suit). There’s even a payout of $/€25 for just 2x aces (any suit) but it’s the 100% payout that brings the massive wins. Progressive jackpots are known for reaching into millions – what will the progressive climb to when you play Progressive Blackjack today?