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If you’re looking for a standard Blackjack game, then UK Blackjack at could be for you; using regular rules with some twists and variations to pep up the action, it’s available 24/7 in our online casino and offers some decent payouts when you play real money games. Played with other players at the table but only against the dealer, you need to beat his hand to see any rewards. But if you’d like to claim some extra playing funds up front, you can opt for a casino bonus – there are a variety of bonus options available such as a new player Welcome Bonus worth $/€5,000 Bonus!

UK Blackjack

Get to Grips with UK Blackjack Basic Rules

A new game means a few new rules – but that also means extra fun! All our games have comprehensive rules and software descriptions to make it easy for you to figure out what’s expected and approach the game feeling confident – the basic idea of UK Blackjack has the same roots as any other blackjack game, so you’ll adapt in no time. It’s really easy to play UK-style online blackjack, just follow these five steps:

  1. Place your bets and hit Deal
  2. Receive your initial two cards (face up so all can view) and the dealer gets two cards (one face up, one face down)
  3. Play your betting round based on your deduction after comparing your hand with that of the dealer’s. You can Hit (get another card) Stand (stick with what you have) or Double (get one additional card but pay double the bet) or Split (separate a pair into two hands played side by side - each costs a bet).
  4. When you are finished, it’s the dealer’s turn
  5. When the dealer has played his round, the results are revealed! You receive any payouts due to you directly into your bankroll.

UK Blackjack Special Rules

Some of the rules that are specific to this exciting online casino game are:

Single split – usually, you are only able to split once in any round but in UK Blackjack it is possible to split to a total of 4x per round (with some restrictions in place – see below)

Splitting Aces – if you choose to split aces, it is only possible to receive one extra card

Split restrictions – the following pairs cannot be split in UK Blackjack: 4, 5 or 10 cards

Double Rule – doubling is only possible when you land a points value of between 9 and 11 in your initial two-card deal, and only one extra card can be received.

Created to improve the action and make your time spent playing a bit more exciting, you’ll love the variations in rules as you play for bragging rights against the dealer and to win real money.