Play Cash Blox Arcade Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Whenever you play online arcade games, the goal is to go retro; and you don’t get much more retro than the classic Tetris. That’s the building block (no pun intended) for Cash Blox, a fun and entertaining way to gamble and play against the setting of an old favourite.

Play Cash Blox Arcade Online

How to Play Cash Blox

Cash Blox requires little skill and no patience since things go pretty fast to begin with. If you really need to win in a hurry, though, you can even put things into a supercharged fast mode. This will bring you even more rapid results. So how does this work anyway? It’s a little different than your typical Tetris because you aren’t actually controlling the tiles as they fall. Instead, after you make your wager, you pretty much sit back and let the machines do the talking. What happens next is the blocks will fall down from the opening at the top of the screen, just like in real Tetris. Your hoping to form complete lines because these are what will pay out. Each time a line is completed, you earn the amount that is indicated on the pay chart. Once the row is whole, it disappears, making more room to play further.

Cash Blox Features

There are a few neat things to know about this exciting version on our casino online. For one thing, when you clear away multiple lines at one time, the points bonus builds up, making your overall haul a hefty sum! The Magic Block is another nifty feature. This piece is awarded at random, and you can tell it apart from other blocks because it is multi-coloured as opposed to a single colour. When this piece appears in a line that gets completed, you win the bonus prize; ten free plays! These ten rounds are played out independently, without deducting from your bankroll. The earnings, however go straight to your account; it’s a win win no matter how you slice it! Another cool aspect is the auto play function. If you want to sit back and watch the action take place without having to put in too much legwork, all you have to do is hit auto play after inputting your wager amounts. We do the rest!

Cash Blox is fun to play, but it’s just one of the many amusing online casino games that we have to present to you from our terrific remote access club. The time to start finding your own favourite pastime is now, so get in here and play!