Play Derby Day Arcade Online at Mansion Casino Canada

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Play Derby Day Arcade Online

Derby Day Betting Options

We host a lot of exciting online casino games on our platform, but few come as close to the real thrill of an actual competition as this one. The horseracing field is a charged and lively atmosphere, and the designers have done a superb job of recreating that feeling. One really great feature to the Derby Day is that it has multiple betting options, and each one is real, accurate and entertaining. Here are a few of your choices:

  • You can bet on the horse that will be the winner. This will yield great results if you bet right.
  • You can bet on the position that the horses will come in. You can wager who will be in first place and who will be in second place. The various horses will pay out according to their point value.
  • You can bet on first, second and third place horses as well. Each horse pays as per their point value, as above.
  • You can also go all out and gamble on all five of the places that will be won. The more you guess, the higher the payouts will be if you win!

Derby Day Features

All the various betting choices certainly keep the rounds interesting. Possibly one of the neatest parts of the Derby Day, though, is all the detail that has been put into this entertainment. When you click on each horse, you can get an entire profile of that rider. The profile includes the jockey, its strengths and weaknesses, wins and losses ratios and an overall rating. You can compare different horses by clicking on multiple slots at one time. The entire set up is truly a credit to its designers and creators. Check out some other online arcade games when you visit our number one gambling club today!