Play Dice Twister Arcade Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Dice Twister is as zany as it sounds with all the turns of fate and rolling action you can imagine! This one is a real gambler’s dream because it has so much to offer in terms of wagers being placed, and that keeps the excitement high all the time too. Direct your attention towards our top of the charts online casino now, and see if you have the lucky touch!

Play Dice Twister Arcade Online

Dice Twister Betting Techniques

Dice Twister is your typical toss and roll variety of online arcade games, but it has a lot more to deliver than just a die throw. To start with, you are working with three cubes instead of just one, so you are already getting three times the action and that translates to three times the fun! You are also going to enjoy the wide range of betting options that are available from this version. The choices cover a huge area, so there is something for everyone to partake in. These are some of the bets that you can take out when you are playing this great edition:

  • Hi Mid and Lo: This wager states that the total of the rolls will fall into a certain number range, either high, middle or low. The ranges are preset (Hi is 13-18, Mid is 9-12 and Lo is 3-8), so you needn’t worry over the arithmetic of it all. Just point and click!
  • Odds Vs Evens: Here is a classic gambling option. Will the numbers that show up be even or odd? Not sure it will be so clear cut? Then choose mix; this means you think there will be both odds and evens in the throw.
  • Totals: A risky bet indeed, a total bet is the single number that you guess will be the outcome of all the rolls. Chancy? Extremely, and that’s why the payouts are so substantial for this particular wager!
  • Numbers: pick a number between one and six. Each time that number shows up after a roll, you are rewarded.

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