Play Final Score Arcade Game at Mansion Casino Canada

If you want to bet on soccer at Mansion Casino Canada, there is no need to wait for the match to start or even for your favorite team to suit up. You can play the Final Score arcade game and bet on results of simulated games. You can test out Final Score in Practice Mode, to get a better feeling for how the game works, but in order to win real money you’ll have to make a deposit into your casino online account and start playing in Real Money Mode.

Play Final Score Arcade Online

How to Play the Final Score Arcade Game at Mansion Casino Canada

There are so many different wagering options in this exciting arcade game at Mansion Casino CA that will keep you entertained for a long time.

Final Score brings you as close to betting on soccer as possible, without actually betting on a real game. You can choose your favorite soccer league and match up two teams against each other and then bet on the simulated outcome. If you don’t know the teams, or just want to mix it up, you can have the system automatically select two soccer clubs for a match.

This online casino game will take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the clubs, and so the smart money is on the stronger team. You can see the odds, both in decimal and fractional readouts, and use that information before placing your bets.

The betting options include betting on the outcome, the final score, total goals, penalty kick, missed penalty kicks and much more. Once you’ve placed all your bets you can click on the “Bet Now” button and the game clock will begin. As the clock counts up to the end of the game, you will get updated with all the pertinent happenings until the game is finished. If you want to hurry the game along, you can select the “Turbo Mode” and the game will be finished quickly. Once the game is final, you will be able to see which of your bets paid out.

Score a Goal in the Final Score Arcade Game at Mansion Casino Canada

Whether you’re a seasoned sports bettor or you don’t know much about the beautiful game, you can have a great time with the Final Score arcade game at our online casino. Collect your Welcome Bonus of up to $5000 and bet on these simulated soccer games today. You can download our online casino software for instant access to Final Score or login to your Mansion Casino CA account and play through your web browser.