Play Fortune Keno Arcade Online at Mansion Casino Canada

You will meet a tall, dark and handsome stranger, but he will break your heart and steal your cat from you in the end. If you have ever dabbled in the misty waters of a crystal ball or tried your hand at some future tellers, then these words might actually sound familiar to you. Well, with Fortune Keno, you don’t have to worry about being ripped off by phony tellers, magic eight ball decoders or palm readers. All you have to do is make a bet and have fun. Pretty simple, right? So let’s get started!

Play Fortune Keno Arcade Online

How to Play Fortune Keno

Fortune Keno is one of our many online arcade games that members enjoy for its spanning wager options and interesting atmosphere. As we mentioned, the setting for this version is a smoky parlour where a beautiful occultist sits as her crystal ball ready to tell you your money-maker. Before she can spring into action, though, you’ve got to make a few predictions of your own. On the large number board, you’ll find the numbers from one to 80. You can select ten numbers as your lucky digits. These ten will be highlighted on the screen so you can easily see which of your numbers are good hits.

Enter the online casino sorceress. She does her hocus pocus, and suddenly the glass becomes foggy, and things start to happen within the globe. Numbers begin to appear in the mist, and all at once, they fly up to the board in a spray of glittering light. Each number that hits the board is highlighted in a slightly darker shade so you can tell the difference between your picks and the numbers that she is giving out. The more numbers that correspond to your predictions, the higher your payout will be. You can read the pay chart at the bottom of the screen, and the more you wager, the greater your haul will be.

Fortune Keno Auto Play

Another element of this the multiple round option. Like many of our online casino games, you have the option to play more than one round at a time. This means, you’ll enter your wager amount, choose your numbers, and then the computer will generate the results successively, one round after the next. This can be done for five rounds at a time. At the end of the session, all of your earnings will be added to your total, and you can see your profit at a glance. This is one enchanting gamble, so dare to be amazed today!