Play Frankie’s Fantastic 7 Arcade Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Anyone who follows horse racing knows about the world-famous Mr. Detorri and his phenomenal records. Constantly making his papa proud, little Lafranco brings home trophy after trophy, making waves in the media and on and off the tracks. Well, now it’s your turn to make some waves because we’re brining you Frankie's Fantastic 7, an exciting horse racing challenge that puts you in the saddle. Be the next great jockey as you gamble your way towards victory one round at a time! Take a look.

Play Frankie’s Fantastic 7 Arcade Online

A Guide to Frankie’s Fantastic 7

You’ve played lots of betting style online arcade games here, and they all offer their own unique twist that makes them a delight. Frankie's Fantastic 7 is no different in that respect, though, the amusing graphics and way the rounds are played out is really something else. You start out the round with a wager; that’s pretty standard if you ask anyone. The way the horses move is fantastic, though. You’ll notice that there are seven horses lined up at the starting line, each one represented in a different colour. So how do you get those horses to the finish line? That’s the real kicker. Once the round starts, a deck of cards will be dealt out, one card for each horse. The number of the card (or its value) is the number of places the horse can move across the board. The cards are dealt again and again repeatedly until one horse makes it to the finish line! It’s an amusing and fabulous way to relate to horse racing on a whole new level!

Frankie’s Fantastic 7 Betting System

Frankie's Fantastic 7 has a few options for a wager, and even a newbie can manage it because placing bets is simple around our online casino. You just click on the area of the board that indicates the bet you want to take, and a chip will fly to that destination. The numbered area is coloured coordinated as well, each colour representing a different horse from on the playing board.

Frankie’s Fantastic 7 Features

There are also several functions that you can take advantage of, and you should try them all out to find out which ones you like using when. For example, you can click repeat bet to replicate the same wager you made previously. This is helpful if you are the type of punter to put in complicated wagers consistently. Check out all the other features as well. Online casino games abound at Mansion Casino Canada, and they’re all available to you today!