Play Keno Xperiment Arcade Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Taking a good thing and making it better is what our online casino is all about, and that’s why we are featuring Keno Xperiment. This fabulous version really just improves upon the already fantastic original bingo-like experience, so you only stand to gain from playing today! If you are a fan of the classic version, then you will probably find this one even more enticing because it is loaded up with better graphics, more details, and an all around exciting setup that makes playing it oodles of fun! We’re pretty sure you’re gonna love it, so let’s give it a whirl right now.

Play Keno Xperiment Arcade Online

Even from the start, Keno Xperiment looks a little bit the same, but, then again, a little different than the original. The regular 80-number grid is there, and that’s reassuring to you because, after all, what kind of a spin off would this be without it? That’s pretty much where the comparison ends, though, but don’t worry, it’s still got plenty of familiarity within the internal workings to keep you safe and comfortable! Let’s explain how to play, and all of the trappings surrounding the board will become clear.

How to Play Keno Xperiment

As with the original of these exciting online casino games, you start off with your usual ten picks. Click on a number, and that will be your prediction. You can also click on the number again if you’ve changed your mind and want to unchoose it. Once you’ve decide, hit the button to get things started. The numbers will appear on the screen, lighting up different squares in a dark shade as they do. If you get a match, the square will turn a yellow-orange hue, so hope things are mellow yellow for you! Of course, the more numbers you match up, the greater your winnings will be.

Keno Xperiment Variations

Now for the differences from the standard online arcade games. There is a random pick generate. This feature will choose the numbers for you, giving your fingers a little rest from the clicking. You can tell the machine how many numbers you want it to pick, and there is also the option to have the system choose new numbers after each round. This, once again, just changes things up a little, giving you more variety and excitement for your pleasure. The psychedelic blue tube at the side of the screen is in place of the usual ball machine. The numbers will pop out of this mystifying column and appear on the screen.