Play Keno Arcade Online at Mansion Casino Canada

The excitement of the lotto balls has come to our online casino, and we are delivering straight to you with our technologically-advanced Keno machine! You can now play this fun-filled version without every having to go down to the local store and purchase a ticket! It’s all right there for you, ready and waiting for you to be the next big winner. So let’s see what your lucky number is today!

Play Keno Arcade Online

How to Play Keno

Keno is a great option from all of our online arcade games because it really keeps the excitement level high the entire time. The way to play is simple, but in a fun way. Here it is:

  • First look at the grid, and you’ll quickly see that there are 80 numbers on there. You can now choose ten of these numbers as your digits to play with for the round. Choose a number by clicking on that square, and it will light up to indicate that it has been selected. This is also an easier way for you to keep tabs on your selected numbers.
  • Now click on the Play button to get things started. The balls will shoot out of the machine at the top of the screen, and they’ll land onto their corresponding numbers within the grid. Hold your breath as you wait to see if your numbers will get a hit!

Keno Features

A few things to note about the screen setup. Along the left side of the board, you’ll see a box for the payouts. This tells you how much you’ll get paid if you receive that number of matching digits. If, for example, you manage to hit all ten numbers on the nose, you’ll receive ten thousand units! Who says you can’t have fun while you make money? The next aspect to note is the Play One and Play Five option. This gives you the choice to play a single round at a time, or, alternatively, to play five in a row. The advantage of playing five in a row is that you increase the excitement and the results exponentially because you aren’t wasting time in between rounds picking numbers. Instead, the system just saves your original picks and applies them to each of the five rounds. For faster results, use the Play Five button. Finally, the right side of the screen shows you your results. Keep playing these thrilling online casino games for bigger wins and better times all around!