Play Knockout Arcade Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Rocky Balboa certainly brought boxing to a whole new level across the globe when the small town street fighter went up against the fiercest heavy weight champion of the world. If you fancy yourself a bit of the fighter as well, then we've got something right up your alley. Ready to step into the ring? Then log into Mansion Casino Canada now and play Knockout, the number one fighting online arcade game of the century! It's packed with all the latest features that high tech has to offer along with a great theme and some witty extras. So lace up those boxing gloves and get ready for the fight of your life!

Play Knockout Arcade Online

Knockout Features

Knockout is superior to any fighting simulator out there in every way. The movements are realistic and fluid; the sounds bring you straight to ring side even if you don't have much of an imagination; and the graphics are as cutting edge as that upper cut you are about to deliver to your opponent. In fact, this new Playtech original is being praised as the finest fighting machine that is on the market today. Basically once you start playing this version, between the fabulous 3D experience and the intense gambling excitement, there'll be no turning back ever again!

How to Play Knockout

So more advanced graphics are great, abs no one can really turn down a top notch fighting challenge all done up in three dimensional play, but online casino games are all about betting right? So how do we factor that aspect into the ring? Easy; you place wagers at the beginning of each match. Your payout will depend on the combination of punches you choose to throw. Here's how that one works:

  • You select a specific punch style that you want to use. This can be up, down etc.
  • Each punch has a predetermined value, and that value will act as a multiplier.
  • When applied to your original wager, you find the total winning amount for the round if you are victorious at achieving a Knockout.

It's a simple concept that reaps a lot of reward when you start playing it often. So pump yourself up for an exciting new fighting experience that you can enjoy whenever the urge grabs you because Knockout is live on our online casino all day every day just for you! What are you waiting for? Get in here, and show them how it's done!