Play Megaball Arcade Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Megaball is everything like it sounds like, and then so much more. There is so much jammed into this one option, we’re not even sure where to start explaining it! If you are the type of spontaneous punter who just loves playing online arcade games for the fun and the challenge of the gamble, then you can just jump right into the fray and see where you land! You’ll have a lot of fun learning as you go, and it’s exciting to find new aspects you didn’t realize previously. Don’t worry if you need a little bit more structure to your learning experience. We’ll take you through the rules and give you a clear understanding of the ins and outs that are involved in Megaball. Then you can have fun alongside everyone else too!

Play Megaball Arcade Online

Megaball has a lot going on, like we said. In fact, it’s kind of like taking eight different casino games online and squeezing them into one screenshot. Can you picture that? Well then you’ve got your basic concept down pat. The general idea will sound really basic. You just have to place a bet, but once you start in on all the options that are available, you realize that each wager you make is like playing a whole new arena!

How to Play Megaball

First let’s run through the basics really fast so you can see what you’re dealing with:

  • Six balls are projected for each round. It is the combination of factors of these balls that you are betting on.
  • You can place anywhere from one to ten different wagers from the options given.
  • On the screen, you’ll see that there are eight different options available; each one is its own miniature gamble round.

The Megaball Challenge

That’s the general gist. Now you just have to play around with the various options available until you find the rhythm that you like best. Ready for the ultimate kicker, though? This sport isn’t like all the other options available at our online casino because there is no such thing as taking your time on this one. You’ve got to make decisions, and you’ve got to make them fast. Why? Because you are only given one minute on the clock to get it all done! Love the rush that a time crunch gives you? Then this is the pick for you! Megaball is a thrill-ride a minute (literally!) so you best get in here, and start the crazy train of fun now!