Play Penalty Shootout Arcade Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Soccer is a challenging sport that keeps both the players and the fans moving all the time. When you are in the mood of a good match, you can visit Mansion Casino Canada for some soccer action, regardless of whether or not your team is currently in the middle of the season thanks to our Penalty Shootout! This exciting online arcade game has all the trappings of a standoff, and you are the one trying to make the goal. Can you do it? Let’s see what you’ve got!

Play Penalty Shootout Arcade Online

Penalty Shootout Features

Penalty Shootout is a casino game online with a simple design, so you won’t get distracted by a overly complicated setup or intricate actions. All you need to do is bet and kick to find the winning goal. The scene is painted as a typical soccer match. The goal is standing before a stadium full of fans, who are cheering, calling and rooting for their team. The keeper is standing at the ready, waiting to block your shot, so you better make it good! On the sidelines, you’ll find your keeper history for reference. This will show you both where you attempted your shot and whether or not the keeper was successful in deflecting that shot. This can be useful to you if you enjoy analyzing patterns or finding a weak spot. So you ready to learn how to play? Then let’s get started!

How to Play Penalty Shootout

Playing Penalty Shootout at our terrific online casino is as easy as one, two , three. First figure out how much a round is worth to you. Do you want to wager a large amount and risk only being able to play fewer rounds, or would you rather play it safe, make smaller bets and live to play a few more rounds in the long run? The choice is up to you, just make sure you are having fun! Once this part is taken care of, you can decide where you want to aim your ball. The different positions that are possible will bring in different earnings based on their probability of being deflected. If you are a high kicker, for example, you might try sinking that ball into the upper right area of the net. This will give you 12 times the odds. Other options are available too. The round ends when the keeper either successfully blocks your shot or is unable to deflect. In the case of the latter, you win!