Play Pinball Roulette Arcade Game at Mansion Casino Canada

Just when you thought online roulette couldn’t get any more fun, there’s the Pinball Roulette arcade game at Mansion Casino Canada. If you spent any time at the arcades or in bowling alleys in your youth, you’re probably familiar with the popular Pinball machines. This online casino game is a cross between a pinball machine and online roulette.

Play Pinball Roulette Arcade Online

Follow the Bouncing Ball in Pinball Roulette at Mansion Casino CA

Pinball Roulette starts out like any other game of online roulette. In order to play you’ll need to place at least one bet on a number, colour or set of numbers of your choice. Once the bets are in place you click on the Play button, and instead of the traditional roulette wheel, the roulette ball will be shot onto a pinball machine where it will begin to bounce around as it slowly makes its way down to the bottom. Even though there are flippers on the side of the board, they are just for show, and you can’t knock the roulette ball around.

The red and black numbers are located in a scroll bar at the bottom of the board. The numbers will keep moving until the ball first touches the tops of the pockets, then they will come to a stop as the roulette ball finds a pocket to land in.

If one of your bets is a winner, you can gamble a little bit more and enter the Bonus round. In the bonus round the ball will be placed in a new pinball game, this time with bonuses and multipliers up to 10x your payout. However, if you don’t manage to light up the multipliers you will lose your winnings from the main game

Try Your Luck in Pinball Roulette at Mansion Casino Canada Today!

Start playing this unique online roulette arcade game today and receive up to a $5000 Welcome Bonus when first deposit funds into yourcasino online account. You can download our online casino software or login and play through your web browser. Whichever way you choose, enjoy watching the roulette bounce around the board until it finally rests, on what is hopefully your lucky number.