Play Pop Bingo Arcade Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Raise your hand if you don’t love popcorn. Nobody can resist that fluffy and delicious white treat that is the star of so many circus, carnival and movie theatre afternoon experiences! Well now we’ve got a gamble that is going to cater to your favourite entertainment snacker! It’s called Pop Bingo, and it is one of the tastiest online arcade games yet. The style is somewhat familiar, but it’s got a lot of personality to it that you wouldn’t expect from a typical card challenge. So load up your bankroll, and let’s get busy with this one now!

Play Pop Bingo Arcade Online

How to Play Pop Bingo

The premise is simple, really. You receive a card, just like you would if you purchased a regular card. And now, you can start to see the difference. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a tremendous pot. It’s filled with, you guessed, that delectable snack item we’ve been discussing (the one you are dreaming of eating right now!) The heat is turned up once you start to play, and kernels will start making their way to the top of the pot. Each time a kernel jumps out of the pot and onto the grid, the number gets highlighted. The numbers that flash in yellow are misses, but the red hot spots are the ones you are looking for. That pot will keep on brewing, shooting out more and more fluffy kernels until your numbers are all filled in. The trick of the round, though, is to try to get your numbers filled in as quickly as possible. The fewer kernels that you use to fill up your card, the more money you’ll make from that round.

Pop Bingo Features

Now for a few features that you can play around with during these casino games online. For starters, we’ve addressed the fears of all you skeptics out there. Lest you should think that you are being given a bum deal with the card that the computer has selected, you are given the option to trade in that card for a new one. You can do this as many times as you like, but you can plainly see that this is all for your entertainment purposes, so stop skipping and start having fun!

You can also change the amount of your wager by clicking plus for more and minus for less. Pop Bingo has several increments, so you can play at our online casino no matter what your budget! Come test it out today!