Play Rollercoaster Dice Arcade Online at Mansion Casino Canada

In the mood for some light-hearted amusement? What better place to cash in on that craving than an amusement park! Well our stupendous online casino, Mansion Casino Canada, is funding your trip to the wild and crazy Rollercoaster Dice theme park. It’s an exciting adventure filled with rides of a different sort, but always packed to the gills with fun! So let’s get riding!

Play Rollercoaster Dice Arcade Online

Rollercoaster Dice Special Features

Rollercoaster Dice is another gambling sport that falls into the category of arcade games online, but it has its own brand of fun that makes it simply irresistible to the punters in our audience. Just take a look at the screen to see what we mean. From the first sight, it’s apparent that this is going to be a thrilling ride for everyone. The screen is designed as a daring, loop-de-loop ride at an amusement park, and, while the riders are only faceless figures, the setup makes it pretty clear that this is going to make your stomach drop at every circuit. Playing is as easy as climbing on board.

How to Play Rollercoaster Dice

  • Click on the two signs on either side of the denomination icon to adjust your betting amount. When you are comfortable with the figure, press play.
  • The round will start with two dice being thrown. The system will do this automatically, and it will be your job to determine whether the next throw will result in a sum that is higher or lower than the current sum.
  • Click on the lower or same button if you think it will be lower. Click on the higher or same button if you are pretty sure it will be higher. It’s that simple.
  • Did you get it right? Great! Then you have another shot at making your way up the totem pole. Each time you guess the correct answer, your score is recorded on the barometer, and you get to roll and guess again.
  • The higher up the meter you go, the higher the payout will be.
  • When you get to a green marker on the meter, you are given the option to cash in or to keep playing. The excitement builds as you get higher on the totem pole, but so does the risk of losing it all!
  • One more thing. Two sevens will give you an automatic win, so hope for that lucky number!

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