Play Rubik’s Riches Arcade Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Who doesn’t love a brainteaser? It’s what keeps us ticking long after the regular online casino games have shut down. They will have you up at night, into the wee hours of the night, just one more minute and you’re sure you’ll get it. And when you finally do, the pleasure is indescribable! Well, we’ve got the brain cruncher that has tested so many wits for decades now. Rubik's Riches has all the challenge and something else added into the mix. It’s based on the colourful cube version that we know you love to dabble with now and again, but there is a new twist to it. Intrigued? Then follow us to find out more!

Play Rubik’s Riches Arcade Online

How to Play Rubik’s Riches

Rubik's Riches is every bit as captivating as the actual cube, so you will find yourself returning to this section of our online arcade games frequently for sure! Here is what you do:

  • Once the wager is made, you can decide whether you want to play one round or multiple rounds one right after another. If you’d like to just try it out single file for the first session, that makes a lot of sense. Just click on the play button, and the cube will spin around to create the combos one time. Once you are more adept at the cube, you can let yourself have a little more freedom by playing the auto play function. This lets you choose between five, 10, 15, 20 or 25 rounds. Each round will be played out right after the previous one until you run out of auto play rounds. Then you can choose the whole process over again.
  • The goal is to match up coloured tiles on the cube. If you can manage this, you’ll receive payouts. The more tiles you match up, the heftier the gains you’ll be hauling home. So get those tiles moving fast!

Rubik’s Riches Bonus Feature

There is also the logo bonus that you can cash in on. This is an extra feature that gives you free play when you score it. All you need to do is get the six colours of the logo to light up at once, and you’ll be awarded with free rounds galore! During this round, you’ll be able to get more cubes to enjoy. The action at our online casino Canada is never ending, and you’ll see that as soon as you log in and play your first round of Rubik's Riches. Go ahead and have a go right now!