Play Blackjack Peek Online Blackjack at Mansion Casino Canada

There is a famous saying “Hindsight is 20/20”. That is especially true when playing online blackjack, as a little knowledge can save you a lot of heartache. Imagine a situation where you’re dealt a 7 and a 4 and the dealer has a king showing. Or perhaps you have two cards that you want to split, in both these cases you may want to double your bet, but that pesky face card of the dealer is giving you second thoughts.

Play Blackjack Peek Online

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what the dealer was hiding and save yourself from the aggravation of racking your brains trying to decide what to do, only to discover after you’ve doubled your bet that the Dealer had a blackjack the whole time?

How to Play Blackjack Peek Online Blackjack at Mansion Casino CA

With Blackjack Peek at Mansion Casino CA you can avoid the whole situation detailed above. Whenever the dealer has a 10 or picture card showing, he will peek at the face down card, and if it’s a blackjack, end the round right there.

Other than the peeking feature, Blackjack Peek follows the same rules as most online blackjack games. There are 6 decks in use and you can play up to five games at a time. To make a bet you just need to click on the chips you wish to bet and then place them on the card table. There is no option to surrender the game if you don’t like your cards, but you can buy insurance when relevant. As with most online blackjack games at Mansion Casino Canada, the dealer will hit on 16 and stand on both a hard and soft 17.

Start Playing Blackjack Peek Online Blackjack for Real Money at Mansion Casino Canada Today!

Take a peek behind the curtain when you play Blackjack Peek at Mansion Casino Canada and you can be the next winner. Once you have an active account you can download our casino online software or login to your account and start playing online casino games directly from your browser.

If you haven’t done so already, you can transfer money to your Mansion Casino CA account, using our convenient payment methods, and you’ll receive our Welcome Bonus of up to $5000.

You don’t need 10/20 hindsight to make the right bets, just play Blackjack Peek and leave the guesswork behind.