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Pontoon is the British version of the classic American blackjack game. It is similar to classic online blackjack in that the aim is to achieve a hand closer to 21 than the dealer without going over and players have the same choices when it comes to how to play their hand. However, while in classic American blackjack the dealer is dealt one face-up card and one face-down card, in Pontoon, the dealer is dealt two face-down cards – an additional challenge in the game. Another difference lies in the fact that in Pontoon, a hand of five cards that has not gone bust (a “Pontoon”) pays outs at 2 to 1, whereas in classic American blackjack it pays out at 1.5 to 1.

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When you begin to play Pontoon blackjack at an online casino, you must place your bets and then click on the “deal” button. You will be dealt two cards face-up and the dealer will be dealt two cards face-down. Play your hand with the options to hit (receive another card), stand (receive no more cards and end your turn), split (split your hand of two identical cards into two hands and play them separately with separate bets) or double (double your bet and receive one more card). Once you have completed your turn, the dealer’s cards will be revealed and he will play his hand according to the casino rules. You will be paid out for any wins.

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To play Pontoon blackjack at Mansion Casino for our Canadian players, all you need to do is download our software, fund your account and get started. Pontoon is a popular version of blackjack, along with Blackjack Switch and Blackjack Surrender. Why don’t you try your luck at one of our exciting blackjack games?

Pontoon is a fun online blackjack variation that allows players to combine their skills as card players with a little bit of luck and, often, come out on top. As with other casino games, when you play Pontoon blackjack, there are charts available to help assist players in determining the best move to make next. Charts will track the hands of the game and tell you whether you should double down, hit, stand or split (when allowed of course). These tables are especially helpful to newbie online casino goers who haven't had the experience necessary to make those calls on their own. Once you've learned the online casino rules and the specific online blackjack techniques, you can venture out into the wide and exciting world of casino games online on your own. Take the challenge today, and reap the rewards of the adventure!