Play Progressive Blackjack Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Progressive blackjack is just like classic blackjack with a progressive pot that adds a bit of a thrill. Mansion Casino for our Canadian players offers progressive blackjack within its suite of games. Players can try their luck at collecting Aces and taking home the massive jackpot win in this exciting game. Otherwise, try your luck at one of our other blackjack variations - 21 Duel Blackjack or Lucky Blackjack.

Play Progressive Blackjack Online

Learn how to Play Progressive Blackjack

When you play progressive blackjack at an online casino you will mostly play in the same way as you would play regular classic blackjack online. You place a bet for your hand and a side bet for the progressive jackpot before the cards are dealt. Once you have been dealt your cards you will have the chance to play your hand with the options to hit, stand, split or double, just as in a classic game of casino blackjack. The dealer will then play his hand according to the casino rules and you will be paid out for any wins in the game. If you hold even one Ace you will be awarded a payout from the progressive jackpot.

Placing a Side Bet

The unique aspect of progressive blackjack is the player’s ability to place a side bet and play for a progressive jackpot. The side bet is placed in addition to the regular bet for the game and the progressive jackpot is paid out independent of the outcome of the game. The progressive jackpot is paid out according to the number, colour and suit of any Aces you hold at the end of the game with four suited Aces winning the entire jackpot amount.

Progressive blackjack games are so thrilling because the jackpot keeps building until some lucky players strikes it big. Maybe that player will be you! A percentage of every bet made goes directly into the progressive pot during these casino games online, keeping the total climbing at a rapid pace. At a randomly-generated time, the jackpot will be paid out to a happy player, and the process begins again. The most important rule to remember when playing progressive jackpot casino games at our online casino is that you must place the max bet in order to qualify for the kitty. Any smaller bets will not enter you into the running, so it is initially a wasted bet. Play these and other exciting options at the best casino online in Canada or anywhere else when you log into Mansion Casino now.