Play UK Blackjack Online at Mansion Casino Canada

UK Blackjack is as popular as ever, and is it really any wonder? With such a great concept, how can anyone resist playing this exciting version over and over again? If you are a gambler at heart or one that loves to play online blackjack all the time, then you are really going to enjoy yourself at this table from Mansion Casino Canada. So settle down, and get dealt in now!

Play UK Blackjack Online

How to Play UK Blackjack

UK Blackjack is a standard version that allows you to enjoy all the classic variations on the theme in a modern environment and with the comforts of your own personal settings. First, let’s refresh your memory on the rules of play. Then we can get into some of the finer details of our online casino experience.

  • Betting is a basic action that any punter will know well already. As with all other aspects of our gambling arena, placing a wager is just as much a strategy, and, some would say, an art form as playing through the rounds themselves. So take your tactics, and apply them accordingly when betting today.
  • Next up, you get dealt in. There are two cards in your initial hand, but you can get more by playing through as will be explained presently. Look at the value of your hand. If it totals 21, you automatically have a winning hand, and you can cash in immediately! Otherwise, you need to decide how close you can get to 21 without going over. It’s a daredevil stunt, like trying to get as far as you can into the fire without getting burned!
  • If you think that you can stand to gain more point-value, then you can ask to be dealt to again. This is risky because, as mentioned, you might overshoot and blow it all, but that’s the fun of the UK Blackjack, isn’t it? This is called hitting, and you hope that you’ll be given a better value for your wager.
  • If you think that this is as high as you can go without busting, then you hold onto your hand, and the dealer goes next. If the dealer holds a better hand than you at the end of the round, you lose. Otherwise, you’re the winner, and you get paid out according to the pay chart!

Play UK Blackjack Now

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