Play Half Double Blackjack Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Down in the dumps because you just lost to the dealer in one fell swoop? It can be a pretty humbling experience to forfeit your wager to a machine when it hasn’t even played out a full round. Bet you wish you could skew the odds a little and beat the system at its own, well, casino games! If that sounds about right, then we have a solution we’re pretty sure you are going to want to hear more about. It’s called Half Double Blackjack, and it is a sensation that is sweeping over the nation for its innovation and generally accepted awesomeness. Ready for the details? Then read on to find out how this can quickly become your number one favourite of all times fast!

Play Half Double Blackjack Online

How to Play Half Double Blackjack

Half Double Blackjack is a lot like what it sounds, and, lest you should think it’s too good to be true, we’re here to tell you it is the real deal! So what’s so amazing about this version that is really knocking people’s socks off? Let’s explain. The hands go as usual, just like an ordinary hand, nothing special about the wagers, the dealings, the hits and busts. The only thing that changes is the outcome. Normally, you win a hand, you walk away with the money. You lose a hand, you walk away empty handed. That’s the way life, and in particular, online card games, works. When you play Half Double Blackjack, though, this is not the case. Instead of walking away with empty pockets at the end of a losing hand, you get to keep 50% of the wager that you made! No slinking off broke. You live to play another hand!

The Basics of Half Double Blackjack

If you aren’t aware of the standard rules, then you had better take a step back and learn them fast.

  • Place a wager of the amount that suits your purse strings and your personality.
  • When the hands are dealt, you are going to work as hard as you can to build up to 21. The trick is, though, that you can’t go over or you’ll lose automatically. So, shoot too low, and you lose out to a higher hand. Shoot too high, and you bust. It’s an intricate balance that punters the world over have been playing around with for decades.
  • Then the dealer gets a chance. If he gets a better hand, you lose, but you can always win if he gets lower or busts!

Sounds like fun? Then let our online casino show you how it’s done today!