Play Progressive Baccarat Card Game

There is no loyalty among gambling, well, that’s at least the strategy when you are playing Progressive Baccarat! You can bet on the player; you can bet on the dealer. Heck, you can place wagers anywhere you want, and it all adds up to the same thing: a boatload of fun for everyone! Dive right into this exciting version from our superb selection of online card games, and see if you can get into the groove fast enough to make a killing!

How to Play Progressive Baccarat

Progressive Baccarat isn’t complicated, though it does have some rules that you should familiarise yourself with before you start playing your first hand at our online casino.

Set your sights on obtaining a nine because that is where the gold is sitting.

First, you are going to be dealt a hand, and the combined total of that hand is your final value. This value will determine whether or not you’ve won the hand. As we mentioned, you want nine, but there are a few caveats. Tens, kings, queens and jacks all count as zero, the aces will count at one, and all the others stand for their face value. Now, what happens if you are dealt a hand that combines to be more than nine? That’s easy. You just do a little addition, and drop the first number. Here is a quick example to show you that even you can crunch these numbers: if your hand consists of an eight and a six, you’d add these two numbers to get fourteen.

Drop the first number, or the one in this case and you have your overall hand value of four.

Once all the hands are totaled, the player who has the closest value to nine is the winner.

Progressive Baccarat Caveats

Here’s the funny thing, though: Even if you win or lose the hand, this does not tell you whether you have won or lost the round! The winning earnings go to the player who has bet on the right player. So, if you have bet on the player and you win, then you’ll get twice your wager. The same thing goes for the dealer wager (minus a percentage). A tie wager pays out a beautiful nine times the wager sum! Once you get into Progressive Baccarat, you’ll see that it is one of the most exciting casino games out there. Get into it every day, and start loving the tables a little more because of it!