Play Red Dog Card Game Online at Mansion Casino Canada

If you have played Acey Deucey before, then Red Dog will sound awfully familiar to you. That’s because they are pretty much the same with just name differences to speak of, and the fun and wins are all there too. So jump into Mansion Casino Canada today, browse our lobby of awesome casino games, and start your weekend out right!

Play Red Fog Card Game Online

How to Play Red Dog

Red Dog is a great option for the poker players in our online casino group. The rules are a little tricky, so follow along, and you’ll get the hang of it with some practice! The basic idea is to bet on the outcome of a hand. After a wager is made and the hand is dealt, there are three possible outcomes that you should be aware of:

Red Dog Options

  • A push: A push happens when the two face values are consecutive. In other words, if there is a two and a three or a queen and a king, this would turn into a push, and nobody wins or loses.
  • A pair: If a pair is dealt onto the table, then the dealer deals once more. If there are three of a kind, then you win 11 to one, a nice payout for a single hand!
  • A spread: A spread is when neither of the two scenarios from above occur. When this happens, the system will automatically inform you of the spread between the two values. For example, if there is a two and a five on the table, then the spread is two because two cards are able to fit between two and five (a three and a four).
  • Now the spread is an interesting option because it gives you a fighting chance to win again. What happens next is like this. You are given the option to increase your wager, but there is no obligation. This is dependent solely on your gambling style and flavour. Choose whether you want to continue as is or wager more, and then proceed.
  • The dealer will deal once more, and this is the kicker. In order to get the win, you’ll need that final deal card to be one of the face values between your initial two dealt. In other words, if a two and a five were on the table, you’d need a three or a four to win. It’s a great twist!

Online card games like Red Dog are common around these parts, so hurry in and learn what fun is all about!