Play Stravaganza Card Game Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Online card games come in all shapes and sizes, and Stravaganza is certainly one of the most exciting variations. The concept is truly unique, and the rounds are not too short and not too long, making it the ideal gambling amusement. Are you ready to try out this novelty for yourself? Then step into our parlour, and let’s begin!

Play Stravagamza Card Game Online

Stravaganza is not your typical, run of the mill option, so it may take a few hands at our online casino before you get used to how to play. Read up on the rules below, and you can start whenever you are ready. We’re fairly sure that you are going to keep coming back to this amazing new version, so let’s get started.

How to Play Stravaganza

First, you need to know what your goal is. The point of this version is to get the highest value of your combined hand, so the higher the point-value the better. Unlike Blackjack, though, you can’t fall out the other side, so you want to just go as high as possible. Once the hands are dealt, you need to look at the two values that are in your hand. Three possibilities can arise:

  1. You might get a hand that equals five points or lower. This isn’t a very good hand in value, but it is good because it is your way out. Like in Blackjack Surrender, it gives you an out without having to play through the entire round. Unlike Surrender, though, you can take back all of your money from that round. That’s a great deal!
  2. Six to nine are trickier. You can do two things; either you can walk away from this hand or you can keep going. If you walk away, you’ll get back half of the wager you made initially. This is better than losing it all to a better hand from the dealer. Alternatively, you can continue the hand for a greater challenge. This option gives you another shot at increasing your hand.
  3. Finally, if your hand totals ten or more, you can choose once again. You can either stay put, and just hold on to your hand, or you can hit once more to build an even higher total.

Stravaganza Bonuses

Don’t forget about the bonuses! That’s right; Stravaganza has bonus payouts as well. In addition to the regular play, there are extra features to enjoy. So log in, and get ready for some casino games like you’ve never seen before!