Play Live Mini Baccarat Online at Mansion Casino Canada

If you like it shaken, not stirred and are a fan of a certain British 007 secret agent, then you’re most likely a fan too of the glamorous card game that Mr Bond has made famous. Baccarat is what we’re talking about here, and thanks to its many film appearances, it’s earned the reputation of being one of those online casino games for the rich and famous. Players are known to put millions at stake in the hopes of winning massive rewards in this game that has the smallest house advantage.

Play Live Mini Baccarat Online

Lucky for the rest of us there is place at the Baccarat table for those of us who aren’t millionaires, but are hoping to become one. And we don’t even need to don an expensive suit and tie to fit right in, you can be wearing your pyjamas for all it matters, because all the action will be taking place right from your very own home.

Differences Between Mini Baccarat And The Classic Version

So if you’re tempted by the classic version or are even a seasoned player, then you’ll love Mini Baccarat. Out of the glory of the classic version came a variation to appeal to the masses. With a slightly less snooty aura, this version is played at a smaller table and is much quicker, due to the fact that the dealer is turning over all the cards. Also, another difference is that Mini Baccarat can be played with 6 decks, thus changing the odds.

How To Play Mini Baccarat

Other than these differences, the two versions are essentially the same. The aim is to get the closest as possible or to hit the number 9. Even though you’re the player, you don’t need to bet on yourself. You can bet either on yourself winning, the banker winning or on a tie. That’s right, you read it correctly, you’re not up against the dealer in this card favourite – it’s you and the banker. So when you’re playing online, you’ll start off by placing your bets with the chips by setting your chip value and clicking where you want to bet.

The player and the banker will then each be dealt a pair of cards – first the player, then the banker. These cards will be dealt face-up. Just like in Blackjack, all the cards have different numerical values so you’ll want the hand that you’re betting on to get the best point total possible.

Then, whether or not each of you will be dealt a third card is up to your point totals on the first set. This is where it’s worth checking out the paytable and learning the rules of Mini Baccarat. This will help you to understand which cards have which values, and how it is worked out whether or not you and the banker will be dealt a third card. One thing that’s important to know is that if your pair adds up to double digits, your point total will be to the value of the second number.

Mini Baccarat is high in action, high in energy levels, and high in payouts. With the game being played at super-speed, there’s money being won all the time at our casino online. You can also get the real-life table experience when you play it at our casino live. Depends on how you like it. Shaken or stirred?