Play Live Mini Blackjack at the Mansion Casino Canada Live Casino

There is nothing more frustrating in a game of blackjack then someone else hitting when they shouldn’t and taking your card. There are a few ways to avoid that situation, one is to play online blackjack alone and the other option is to play Live Mini Blackjack at the Mansion Casino Canada Live Casino.

Play Live Mini Blackjack Online

When you play Live Mini Blackjack at Mansion Casino CA, it’s just you versus the live dealer at your own private table. Thanks to video streaming technology you can watch as the dealer shuffles and deals the cards to you. You’ll also have the option to interact with your dealer through a chat box, bringing you closer to the casino than ever before.

How to Play Live Mini Blackjack at Mansion Casino Canada

To get started find the Live Mini Blackjack game in the online casino game lobby and see when the dealers will be at the table. When there is an open table, you can click to join and you’ll “sit down” at your table and the video stream will instantly begin.

The rules of Live Mini Blackjack are the same as the regular online blackjack game. The player is going against the dealer to see who can get as close to 21 without busting. To place a bet, click on the chip, or chips, you wish to bet and then wait for the cards to be dealt.

The Live Dealer follows the standard blackjack rules of hitting on everything up to 16 and standing on 17 and above. This is a one-on-one game, so you don’t have to wait for other players to place their bets, and the game is played at a quickened pace, allowing you to get in more games.

Get Started Playing Live Mini Blackjack at Mansion Casino Canada Today.

Live Mini Blackjack is part of the collection of Live Casino games that you can enjoy when playing at Mansion Casino Canada. The games are only available to real money players and can be played through by downloading our casino online software or by logging into your account and playing through your web browser. Collect your Welcome Bonus up to $5000 when you start playing today.