Play Club Roulette at Mansion Casino Canada

Welcome to the online roulette room at Mansion Casino Canada. Take a seat at our Club Roulette game, and try your luck as the roulette ball dances around the wheel.

Play Club Roulette Online

That’s how realistic the graphics are in the always exciting Club Roulette casino game. In addition to great graphics and flawless animation, there is the perfect soundtrack that will keep your spirits up as it enhances the atmosphere.

How to Play Club Roulette at Mansion Casino Canada

Club Roulette is a very similar game to Classic Roulette, with the only differences being the addition of some special bets. The game is played using a European Roulette wheel, which means a single 0 slot, and 36 red and black slots.

This is a great game for someone who is just learning the ropes and the various betting options in online roulette. If you are unsure of what the bet means, you can hover your mouse over any bet and all the numbers that would make you a winner will be lit up. For example, if your mouse hovers over the Black betting choice, all the black numbers will light up.

This is especially helpful if you are interested in the Special Bets that are available at Club Roulette. Click on the Special Bets button, located just under the Spin button and it’ll open up a betting table with advanced options. With these betting options you can choose, half of the reds or blacks, or any slot that includes a specific number, like 5 for example will place a chip on 5, 15, 25, 35.

You can also play all the regular bets such as black/red, neighborhood, a row, group of numbers and of course a specific number. The payouts will vary based on your bet and the odds of winning. You can see a complete listing of the payouts by hovering your mouse over the box that has the minimum and maximum betting limits for Club Roulette.

You can Win Real Money Playing Club Roulette at Mansion Casino Canada

The special bets give casino online players an added chance at winning real money. But, you can only win money if you have an account at Mansion Casino CA and leave the Practice Mode behind. After your deposit is processed you will receive a Welcome Bonus up to $5000 that can be used to get you started making your bets at Club Roulette or our other online casino games.