Play 3 Clowns Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Everybody loves a clown – well, almost everybody (apologies to Coulrophobes). From a young age we are inundated with images of these funny fellows. They are found on children’s toys, clothing, home decorations, etc. In school, there was at least one in every class trying to get a laugh from fellow students and a rise out of the teacher. In 3 Clowns Scratch all this silly simpleton wants to do is bring the cash home for you, so give it a try and start uncovering those cards!

Play 3 Clowns Scratch Online

Have Fun with Scratch Card Games

You can’t walk into your local party store, convenience mart or gas station without seeing these super popular online scratch card games right next to the cashier. The idea is simple; you just uncover a few spaces on the card and try to match symbols or build a run. They are easy to understand, fun to play, the prizes come easy, and now, the prizes come right to you. You don’t have to leave the house to venture out and play these tickets, at Mansion Casino Canada, we bring them right to you along with all of our other amazing online casino games! With dozens of options and styles to choose from, we know that the online casino can sometimes be a bit intense. Now, with 3 Clowns Scratch and other versions in this genre, you can take a break from the more ‘cerebral’ style playing options and just have fun for a while without giving up on your chance to take home some serious cash.

How To Win With 3 Clowns Scratch

Like most options in this section of our site, when you enter 3 Clowns Scratch, you are presented with a single playing card and in this version it has nine squares set up like a tic-tac-toe board. You will want to start by deciding how much each play is going to be worth; you can choose an amount from 25 cents up to $20. Next, you can choose to either play individual rounds or click on Auto Play and have the game run up to 50 times on its own while you sit back and watch your money increase! If you choose the single play option, you can pick any square and scratch off the picture of the circus tent to reveal the image below. There are several things that may be uncovered, but you are just looking for the clown; you want to get three of them in a row, column or diagonally to win big. Good luck!