Play A Night Out Scratch Online at Mansion Casino Canada

Ready for an evening out on the town but not quite up to finding a babysitter, getting dressed up and actually going anywhere? No worries! With A Night Out Scratch you get to feel like you're partying with the best of them while you lounge in your recliner in your most comfortable sweats and the best part is – you can make some money while doing it!

Play A Night Out Scratch Online

How To Play A Night Out Scratch

If you've never played online scratch card games before, then you're in for a real treat with A Night Out Scratch. For starters, the idea is very simple. Just like in actual paper versions, you'll need to wipe away the outer design to get to the hidden images below and see what you've won. And if you're really, really lazy (or just want the playing to go as fast as possible) you can set it up on Auto Play, which means that once you've set your bet amount which can be anywhere from pennies to hundreds, you can let the site cycle through tens of cards while you just watch the cash pour in.

Making Money With A Night Out Scratch

With images like overflowing mugs of beer, fruity cocktails and even gorgeous, busty women offering winnings of up to 500 times your initial wager, it's no wonder you would rather try your luck here with our online casino games than go elsewhere. At your favourite online casino, and yes, we know that's Mansion Casino Canada (you didn't even have to tell us), we offer every opportunity possible for you to take home fantastic cash prizes. From versions like A Night Out Scratch to many others including superheroes like Captain America and The Avengers, where you can save the world and your bank account at the same time, the fun never ends. Not only that, but once you've decided that you're ready for a bit more bells and whistles, you can switch over to our slot machines. Your senses will be assaulted (but in a good way) by the graphics and sound effects, not to mention the huge cash prizes! And then once you're done there, you can switch to video poker, roulette or maybe even blackjack. As you can see, the winning opportunities are practically endless. So what are you waiting for?